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  • What is

It is a platform to share and store your medical PowerPoint presentations and get it reviewed by experts. It also provides options to buy/sell awesome CME slides of all fields of medicine and allied specialties.

  • How to join the fastest growing medical community,

It is easy and free. Click on the register tab in the home  and fill in a simple form. Or you can also sign up with various social media accounts like Facebook, google+, LinkedIn etc.

  1. In your web-browser go to
  2. Click on register.
  3. Fill in the form with real user name and e-mail.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Go to your mail inbox.
  6. click on activate account button in the mail. This should open the My account page.
  7. Finish the registration process by filling in your details.

(please see screen shots and the help video for further details)

Reg (1) Reg (2)
Reg (3) Reg (4)

  • Watch the Video Tutorial- How to register with
  • Okay, now I joined. How to sell my PowerPoint presentations?

Congratulations on joining with us! Now from ‘My Account’ page you can upload your PowerPoint presentation and submit it for peer review. Once your presentation passes the quality checks you will be intimated regarding the scope for selling it to the potential buyers. Accordingly it will be displayed in for selling / free download for the users.

  1. Click on My Shop on left side
  2. Upload a picture for your shop
  3. Give a Name to your shop and describe it in an attractive way.
  4. Once your shop is saved. Go to ‘My presentation’ tab under ‘My shop’
  5. Upload a picture depicting your topic of presentation.
  6. Give further category, tags and details.
  7. Submit it for review.

(please watch video tutorials/screen shots given below for further help.)

5 6 7 8 9

  • Watch Video Tutorial- Adding a shop .
  • How many PowerPoint presentations can I upload?

We have unlimited and secure storage space for your awesome medical slides. You can upload any number of slides to our website. Once it’s reviewed and accepted it will be available to you  and your colleagues round the clock.

  • How much money shall I earn per PowerPoint presentation?

The reviewed and accepted slides will be kept for sale for a price which depends on the quality and popularity of the PowerPoint presentations. Of which major share will go to the author (you) and minor share will be divided between the expert reviewer and against the processing charges for the same. There is no charges for uploading or getting your slides reviewed. So the money you earned by uploading your presentations depend on the number of times the

presentations get sold through our website.

  • Can I keep my slides uploaded and opt out from reviewing and selling it?

No. Once you upload it marking the categories it will automatically forwarded for the peer review and marketing. After intimation it will be available for downloading from the website afterwards either free of cost or at the specified price.

  • Can I mark multiple categories for the same slide I upload?

Yes. You can always mark all the relevant categories for your slide. The reviewer will also look into the categories you marked and will decide on the final categories under which it’s displayed in the website.

  • Can I download my slides free of cost after the reviewing process?

Not always. Once it’s reviewed and kept for sale you cannot download it without paying the price. But if it is available for free download you can always download it as any other user. However we at clinical always respect your rights on your slides. In case you lose the softcopy of the same and want it back for your personal / teaching purpose, our team is always there to help you. You can request your slides back for a free download by booking a ticket with us and our team will help you retrieve your valuable presentations free of cost.

  • What it takes to be a reviewer?

The team clinicalslides reserve the rights to select the reviewer for each particular specialty. The more you upload in a particular specialty the more chance that you will be invited as a reviewer in that particular specialty by our team. The higher the rank you hold in the medical fraternity (professor, associate professor, reader, senior consultant, research faculty etc.) the more the chance you will get invited.

  • How will I know about my earnings?

You can see the number of times your slides got sold / downloaded in ‘My Account’ page. You can view your earnings at the My Earnings tab at My Account.

  • How can I redeem My Earnings?

It is simple and easy. You can redeem the earnings against the price of presentations in the website or as cash which will be paid to you by You cannot redeem complimentary earnings against cash.

  • Which all ways can I earn the points?

You can earn points in multiple ways. Points pile up in your account when your presentations get sold to our potential buyers. When you refer your colleagues for registering with us you will earn complimentary points. More admirers you have more complementary points you earn.(the complimentary points and earning system is under construction and is not available now)

  • I wanted to build a digital library in my department. How can the help me?

Bravo! You are at the right place. We help the renowned colleges and universities around the world to build their PowerPoint digital library. You can grab all the presentations uploaded in one specialty/super-specialty and put it into your digital library at affordable cost. We also offer yearly subscription in which you can download all the presentations getting uploaded in whole year for your digital library.

  • I’m organizing a CME program. How does gonna help me?In this era of environmental awareness, will help you go paperless. Let our highly professional team handle the part of hosting your presentation slides/digital media in our advanced website for your delegates either free or at a charge you decide on. We will keep everything organized and easy to access for the authors and the delegates and will provide a platform for their interaction. All you need to do is to contact us- or just send a query to and get us the presentation slides and relax. Everything else will be done by us.
  • What we offer
    • unlimited access to the slides
    • 9% guaranteed uptime
    • unlimited secure storage for the slides
    • zero ads
    • 24/7 professional support
    • option to sell the slides for the authors for other users of the site.
  • How can I increase my presentations visibility?

Once your slides are accepted for publication you can invite your friends and colleagues to like, comment and download it. The very successful presentations will be featured on the front page of the website.

  • How can I post a blog in

We have a Facebook page . You can like the page and get latest updates about the Your blogs can be posted there and once its approved by our editors we will upload it to our site.

  • How can I contact the help desk?

The best way to do that is to book a ticket with us at the support tab. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will help you resolve the problem you are facing while using our website. There are other options as well like the contact us form at support tab, or the email-

  • Mobile App? No way!! How to use in your mobile? Watch Video tutorial.