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image-1The website is all about medical education. The registration process is simple and free. Once you sign up, you can upload your presentations and submit it for peer review. The presentations submitted by you then goes for peer review and other quality checks. Once accepted for publishing you will be intimated regarding the scope for selling / free publishing. All these processes are quick and completely free. Once the slides/presentations get published in the site, you can invite/share it to your friends via links to download it and comment on it. More likes and more comments means more visibility for your presentation. The more the downloads, you will gain more money and higher rank in the community. Your earnings can be redeemed against the price for downloading other presentations or it can be redeemed as cash which will be paid to you by the website. All these processes are simple and quick.

You can search for any medical specialty/ super specialty topics in the search bar and get the up to date and peer-reviewed CME slides which matches your expectations. The downloads are either free or redeemable with your points or paid with multiple payment options like net banking/credit/debit cards though reliable and secure and easy payment options.

We have 24×7 working customer care and our team is working hard to get you a solution for the problems you faced while using our website. Please use the support page Contact Us form to contact us. We have an ever growing database of clinical study materials and the authors and reviewers right out there to answer your queries.Join the largest growing community in the field of medicine, share your slides and help towards improving the quality of medical education while selling your successful presentation to the potential buyers.

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